The FHU Connections Series

The FHU Connections Series is a week-long program held each semester that highlights the interdisciplinary linkages impacting a topic of national importance. The goals of the program are:

  1. to provide students with academic activities both inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty.


Program details Fall 2015:

Topic: "Won't You Be My Neighbor: Community in the 21st Century"
Date: September 21 - 25, 2015


Globalization, polarization, virtualization -- are the currents of our world creating new, innovative communities, or are they increasingly pushing us apart and creating a heightened sense of isolation? This semester, the Connections Series will examine the interplay of contemporary forces that have the potential to increase local connections or to erode the very idea of hometown. Events this week will include local activities like Archeofest and the Chester County Barbecue Festival. Connections Series favorites such as Dueling Documentaries, Collision Courses are back as well. A special exhibit featuring locally created music boxes will be featured in the Troy Plunk Art Gallery.



Scheduled Events


Thursday, September 17 -- "Tennessee River Music Boxes: From the Tennessee River Valley" Gallery Talk, 5:00 - 7:00pm. Troy Plunk Art Gallery (pre-series event)

FHU Department of Fine Arts will present an exhibit on loan from Arts in McNairy. Many of the handmade Tennessee music boxes were found in attics and haylofts of southern Middle and West Tennessee by Ellis Truett Jr. The folk instruments are primitive, rectangular “box-of-a-things” that “resemble a packing crate more than any known musical instrument," said collection curator Shawn Pitts.


Tuesday, September 22 -- "Dueling Documentaries: Neighborhood Matters." 6:00pm. Crews Center.

Downtown renovation can revitalize the economic viability of an area. It can also drive out existing communities -- communities that can't afford to relocate. Using two documentaries expressing opposing points of view, the event challenges what we think we know. A discussion follows and refreshments will be provided.

Thursday, September 24 -- "Club Neighborhood." 5:30pm. Black Box Theatre

A fun exploration of stories and their impact on our thinking about our local communities. A photo booth, food, games and prizes galore. Open to FHU students.