The FHU Connections Series

The FHU Connections Series is a week-long program held each semester that highlights the interdisciplinary linkages impacting a topic of national importance. The goals of the program are:

  1. to provide students with academic activities both inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty.

Program details Spring 2014:

Topic: "Transformers: Forging Identity's Core"

Date: February 17-20

How do we define our deepest self? Are we the sum of our experiences? Are we an amalgam of societal forces? Are we composed of biological imperatives? What factors transform our identity shaping us into unique individuals? The Connections Series Spring 2014 program explores the factors that mold us as individuals, as groups, and as a nation. 

Collision courses, a panel discussion, a masked ball, and more make up the week’s activities. One of the week’s highlights will be a performance of Shakespeare’s “Othello” presented by the American Shakespeare Conservatory.

Thursday, February 13
The Masquerade Ball -- 5:30 p.m., Loyd Auditorium
Styled as a "pre-conference" event, The Masquerade Ball allows students to explore identity through the use of costumes, masks, and interactive events. Food will be provided. Professional clubs have an opportunity to compete for prizes. All students are welcome.

Monday, February 17
"How We Are, Who We Are, and Why" -- 7:30 p.m. Ayers Auditorium
A panel of international and domestic students discuss how our identities are shaped by our circumstances. A big part of our identity seems to include where we are from, and what it is like there. However, people disagree about how much of our identity is (and should be) tied to our nationality and culture. The evening features stimulating discussion, as well as beautiful film and music pieces.

A coffee-bar follows, encouraging the audience to keep the conversation going.

Tuesday, February 18

Othello presented by the American Shakespeare Conservatory -- 8 p.m., Loyd Auditorium
In this magnificently complex study of extremes, Shakespeare pairs his most loving and trusting leading man with his most conniving and ruthless villain in a dangerous dance of deceit and revenge. The radian language of love transforms into delirious ravings as his characters descend into jealousy, fear, and rage. Themes of identity revealed and concealed run throughout the work. This is the featured event of the week.

Collision Courses
Faculty from different disciplines pair up to lead a discussion or create an activity that demonstrates the connection of the topic to both disciplines. These pairings create the most dynamic component of the Connections Series week. A schedule of class offerings is linked at right.