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FHU Admissions has improved their enrollment management efforts by integrating iPad technologies into their recruitment strategies.

Putting Our iPads To Work

Undergraduate admissions counselor Preston Pinson uses an iPad to collect information from prospective students at a recruiting event.

Admissions Mobile Intranet

Freed-Hardeman University has upgraded enrollment management efforts by incorporating iPad technologies into their recruitment strategies.

The implementation of the iPad has created opportunities for prospective students to experience the high level of technology that they will experience at FHU, while completing Inquiry forms, browsing the school’s website, or just catching up on FHU news. With a laptop serving as a remote network, counselors are able to utilize the efficiency of data collection on the iPads whether they have a local WiFi signal or not.

Overall, the introduction of the iPads has helped to cut down on the majority (approximately 75%) of data entry for inquiry cards, and has helped to move inquiries into the admissions process and the communication flow more quickly. The new technologies utilized by Admissions has truly helped to take the enrollment management process to a new level.

"The iPad has been great to use and travel with. Although it is a little slower than using a standard white card, it is something that really catches the eye on many perspective students and saves a ton of data entry time back in the office."
- Preston Pinson, Admissions Counselor

"The iPad has a variety of utilities. It has allowed me to draw students to my table and engage them about the iknow initiative and other technologies we are thinking about incorporating on campus. I think it is a valuable device and will only become more useful as we become more familiar with it and new apps are developed."
- Marco DiLuca, Admissions Counselor