My Experience Developing FHU Mobile for Android

by Andy Maach
June 8, 2013 7:02 PM

Since high school I have been very interested in mobile development with Android being my platform of choice. Before FHU Mobile I had my own unique SMS App on Google Play - and I used it daily for about two years. Upon being asked to work on FHU Mobile for Android I was delighted to help bring FHU one small step closer to being platform independent and I immediately accepted. Working on FHU mobile for Android consisted primarily of investigating the iPhone app via normal usage and typing source code into the computer. My favorite technical part of the project was working with multi-threading to try to make everything fast. Multi-threaded programming can be very challenging thanks to obscure glitches that can randomly pop up and disappear, but the rewards can be impressive if implemented correctly. Gaining real-world work experience in a positive Christian atmosphere has been an mentor to me both professionally and spiritually.

FHU Events Application(s)

by Michael Plyler
March 7, 2013 2:00 PM

After the success of our Annual Bible Lectureship application, demand for other "event" applications quickly grew.

Our development team began work on a basic wireframe to allow easy configuration and deployment of iOS apps for our various campus events. While we have mainly concentrated on iOS, we do plan to implement an Adroid version of this application.

Pictured to the right, is an unfinished implementation of one of our upcoming event apps, HORIZONS 2013. The app contains all of the essential information: event dates, event schedule, session details, a campus map, and a link for video streaming for those events with live streaming capabilities.

Virtual Tour

by Michael Plyler
March 7, 2013 1:51 PM

For the third year, Web Services is collaborating with our senior computer science majors to produce a significant application for the university. Instead of an iOS application we decided to implement our virtual tour as a web application.  

Work on this application began January 24. The project is coming along very well. Here is a screenshot of how our virtual tour is taking shape:

ASP.NET Performance Tuning

by Michael Plyler
December 12, 2012 4:31 PM

As a web developer, from time to time my applications don't work exactly as expected.

Sometimes there are bugs in the development phase that keep my apps from performing the way that I think they should.

Sometimes these are my fault, sometimes I find that these are small "bugs" or items that don't work as expected witin the frameworks that I might use.

After debugging apps, performance tuning is one of the other tasks of optimizing your app that can seem rather daunting.
There are many factors to consider with this task.

Here is an article that deals with .NET performance tuning:

It discusses some of the basics of optimization and gives a few cases of memory bottlenecks that might occur and how to fix them.
There are also a few tools and strategies discussed.

Obj-C for the C# Guy

by Michael Plyler
December 12, 2012 4:25 PM

For those of us out there that are .NET developers, here's a good article to help you get started on Objective-C:
It was a good read. It contained several beneficial tidbits of information.