myHPA Professional Portfolio

Developed by one of our faculty members and an instructional technologist, this wiki template allows students to create a personal and professional portfolio.

Journals for Acting Classes

Dr. Cliff Thompson, FHU's Director of Theatre, uses the CampusPack Journal tool for his Acting I courses to communicate and collaborate with his students.

CampusPack Fusion Integration

Since our recent migration to Blackboard Learn, we have been working to continue adding features and functions to help faculty more easily communicate and collaborate with their students. One new feature that has been added is called CampusPack Fusion.

CampusPack is an add-on to Blackboard that provides support to wikis, blogs, journals and podcasts - a powerful set of collaborative tools. CampusPack also enables faculty and students the ability to create and publish content within learning spaces, independent of courses.

One of our faculty success stories this year with CampusPack Fusion is Mrs. Dwina Willis. The functionality provided by CampusPack gave Mrs. Willis and the health sciences faculty the tools they needed to automate Health Professional Account portfolios for students. After an initial template was created, students used this template to create their own wiki as a portfolio in which they could add personal and professional information. The wiki, called myHPA, was then shared with their advisers who provided online comments and feedback. Students also have the ability to share this information with individuals from within the FHU community and also to external viewers.

Mrs. Willis presented the myHPA wiki at a recent conference, and the following universities have already adopted or will adopt a variation of the format:
• Harding University
• Lipscomb University
• University of West Virginia
• Austin Peay State University

Plans are already underway for our Information Technology and the Center for Instructional Technology support staff to begin working with groups of interested faculty in the fall of 2011 to implement the use of wikis or other collaborative tools in a different and possibly much broader context. We want to continue and expand the success already seen by the health sciences faculty.