Award-Winning Design

FHU Connect was recognized as the 2010 Best Integration of Social/Networking sites in the 3rd Annual eduStyle Awards.

Automatic Social Updates

Our social feed is automatically updated on this site, making it easy to follow all FHU social media accounts.

Stay Connected with FHU

With any new technology that works well, as people try it out and accept it, it quickly propagates and becomes part of their everyday lives. Micro-blogging, status updates and other mobile technologies quickly became mainstream ways of communicating on our campus in late 2008 and in the early part of 2009.

After recognizing the need to consolidate and communicate our social media efforts, we began trying to figure out the most appropriate ways to let others know about our presences and boost community engagement. One of the things that we knew we wanted to do was to find a way to present some of the content contained on our social media sites. We knew that if people could see it, they might understand it better.

One of the first inspirations that was found for what we wanted to accomplish was NC State on Twitter. We took the idea of displaying Twitter posts and added links to some of our most active Twitter users. We also added links to iTunes U, our student blogs and embedded a few of our videos from our YouTube channel. In addition, we also added an automatic update to our Twitter feed. As new items are posted on Twitter, the items automatically appear on our social media webpage.

FHU Connect was recognized as the 2010 Winner Jadu Best Integration of Social/Networking in The 3rd Annual eduStyle Awards:

Update: Since FHU Connect went live in 2009, we have expanded a few ideas and implemented a full "social stream" from all of our sites (Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc), not just Twitter. It is important to us that our campus community has a way to Stay Connected with FHU.