Live Video Streaming And More

Our live event streaming experience now includes video, moderated commenting, live schedule updates, Twitter and Facebook.

Engaging Community Feedback

Our visitors can now be part of interactive discussions in the backchannel of our events.

Live Event Streaming

For several years FHU has streamed a few campus events online. These events include chapel, commencement exercises and the Annual Bible Lectureship.

In the fall of 2010, we wanted to do something a little different. In conjunction with a live streaming event for GO! (, GO!’s Digital Conference for Youth Ministers and Leaders, we decided to create something simple, yet similar to Cover-It-Live. We wanted a “system” that would allow for web streaming, moderated commenting of the current stream, Facebook and Twitter integration. In addition, we wanted a way to update an event schedule on-the-fly. With limited resources, it’s not often we take the approach to recreate something that already exists, but our desire to have something more branded to the university with the ability for full customization led us to create our live event site.

Since it’s implementation, we have used this system for three major events. First, the already mentioned GO! Digital Conference (Nov 15, 2010), the 75th Annual Bible Lectureship (Feb 6-11, 2011) and GO! Presents: All Together Now (March 1, 2011).

To see an example of our live event system, go to:

Many of our viewers have commented in a positive way about how this site seems very engaging - a better experience than merely watching a web stream. We feel that the Facebook and Twitter streams are useful, as is the commenting mechanism, for allowing our viewing community to add to the conversation. Having the ability to push the experience to our users, hundred or thousands of miles away, like the annual lectureship, has been a true blessing. When people can virtually attend an event and also have conversation in a backchannel, valuable feedback and ideas can happen in real-time.