Our Digital Swiss Army Knife

With over 15 different applications, faculty and students can select and use the apps that are most useful to them.

Hey, Has Anyone Seen ... ?

Our Classroom Roster application has become a highly used tool for our faculty and students in taking, reporting and viewing attendance.

iKnow App Suite:
Our Classroom Tools

At Freed-Hardeman University, we are striving to be an innovator - innovators in the classroom, in technology and in the way the two integrate together.

Through FHU's iKnow Initiative, we feel we are doing just that. Freed-Hardeman was among the first universities in the nation to bring in Apple's groundbreaking technology through its iPhone and iPod Touch and combine it with the MacBook Pro.

From the beginning, the purpose iKnow Initiative was not to place mobile technologies into the hands of our faculty and students, but to integrate mobile devices into the pedagogical and social experiences that students participate in while pursuing their college degree. You can read more about the iKnow Initiative at http://fhu.edu/iknow.

The iKnow Application Suite was developed to give a useful set of tools that could be used inside and outside of the classroom. Some of the applications consist of functions as simple as taking roll to giving online quizzes. Our current application suite includes:

• LionAlert    (integration of our emergency notification system)
• Pipeline    (real-time communications; similar to Yammer)
• Classroom Applications:
       • Class Roster    (allows instructors to take attendance)
       • Class Response    (audience response system)
       • Class Questions    (submit questions to faculty)
       • Class Quiz    (graded quizzes)
       • Word Cloud    (class discussion tool)
       • Class Groups    (creates groups for collaboration)
       • Advisee List    (communicate with advisee; faculty-only)
       • Class List    (communicate with students in class; faculty-only)
       • Class Stats    (display of iKnow App usage; faculty-only)
• Beyond the Classroom:
       • myInfo    (account information: print balance, absences, schedule, etc.)
       • Campus Directory    (search-based directory)
       • Campus Map    (3-D map of campus)

We strive to create emerging technologies that incorporate tenets of Web x.0 products that give the ability to collaborate and expand the learning experience. While our applications have been successful, we have learned many things the last three years and will be working to deploy even better classroom tools in the near future.