The iOS Development Team

Our computer science seniors collaborated with IT Web Services to produce FHU's first iPhone application.

FHU iPhone Application

Planning for FHU’s first native iPhone application began in January 2011 between University Webmaster, Michael Plyler and computer science faculty member, Dr. Kenan Casey.

To incorporate some of the student talent within the computer science program, it was decided to collaborate on a project to create this application that would provide useful information to future and current students as well as faculty and staff.

The senior computer science students that were involved in this project include: Michael Jenkins, Caleb Hutson, Cameron Czerwonka, Trevor Robertson, James Allen and Jeff Boyd.

In order to complete the application in one semester, a highly organized, 3-phase plan was developed and put into place. Each phase allowed different students to take leadership roles, while also challenging all students to learn new languages and concepts and implement them in a timely manner.

The semester, with its challenges, failures and successes can be best summarized by one of the students:

"This project definitely proved to be a major challenge, but in the end was very rewarding. I feel that I learned much and am more confident than ever that I am ready to get a programming job and can succeed. I learned that even if I don’t know how to solve a problem when it is given to me, I can solve it if I work hard enough and do enough searches on Google. Overall, I could not imagine a better way to spend our time in our last computer science class than to actually be making something that will be used by many people at the university."
- Michael Jenkins, Student Project Manager

Further details about the semester from Michael’s perspective can be found at:

Overall, our students have put together an application that our FHU community can be proud of. The FHU Mobile iPhone application is available on the iTunes App Store.