Back to the Drawing Board

We have several new apps that we are working on for this next year. Most begin as workflow ideas on our conference room whiteboard.

It's All About the Numbers

Most of our projects undergo heavy data analysis before we even begin writing code. After they are live, we continue that analysis.

Development RoadMap: What We've Got Planned

The FHU Project Development RoadMap will give you a glimpse of the future applications that we have planned. This information is an evolving list of potential integrations for instructional technology in conjunction with our campus initiatives.

In addition to the projects listed below, we have a few high-level objectives that we'd like to accomplish with our development:

      • Raise the quality of our web content and functionality
      • Future-proof our applications
      • Leverage our internal resources (student development)
      • Find a balance between functionality and user-friendliness
      • Extend our application formats to mobile platforms
      • Promote anytime, anywhere communication, learning and innovation

Once these items have begun testing in live environments, we will move them to the front page where more details will be given:

Fall 2013/Spring 2014
      • Optimization/Improvements in our LMS
      • Droid version of FHU Events
      • Release updates for FHU Mobile
      • Extend our LMS with tools that accomplish institutional effectiveness goals
      • Continue work on upgrading our CMS and site redesign
      • Complete a systems dashboard for webservices
      • Develop a web-based virtual tour
      • Improvement of our classroom applications
      • Development of applications to impact our recruiting efforts
      • Improve our social media presence and engagement