Website Creation Made Easy

Our faculty now have a quick, ten-step process for adding their content to web forms resulting in a professionally designed site.

That Was Easy Enough

After completion of the website builder steps, our faculty have a great looking site that offers up-to-date information.

Faculty Website Builder

Several of our faculty have chosen to create and maintain websites that give their basic contact information, semester schedules, curriculum vitae, and additional resources from research, outside study, or other additional academic information.

In the past, faculty had the ability to create their websites from scratch. This was somewhat problematic as most of our faculty are not web programmers or designers. For some, having to implement their own site was a road block that discouraged them from having their own site. From another perspective, having several sites with multiple designs and content created a disconnect and broke the continuity from our other sites in the domain.

To help our faculty have the ability to build a website for themselves, we decided to create a simple, ten-step workflow. We wanted to implement an easy way to apply a site template and allow our faculty to just type their information into a form. In addition, we wanted those that had the skills to edit HTML/CSS to be able to do edit their site if they wanted. To accomplish this, it was decided that a full content management system was not appropriate in this situation. Instead, we utilized one of our talented student programmers to develop a site that was intuitive and user-friendly.

The 10-step process for building a faculty website includes adding personal contact information, education, teaching experiences, other experience and the ability to add custom pages. The last step in this process is to preview the site and make any changes necessary. Once the faculty member is finished editing the content, they can export the website and deploy it to their web share.

The template for the site has been set up in such a way that global style and template changes can easily be made and applied immediately to all faculty sites. We have also utilized a single-page design and jQuery - current technology and design to ensure that our faculty sites are as impressive as our faculty.