Lion Bucks

DINING DOLLARS are not the same as LION BUCKS. Dining Dollars cannot be used off-campus.
  1. Get your new FHU ID Card from Campus Security.
  2. Get your family and friends to add money to your account at and click on the Lion Bucks tab.

Contact Melissa Woodruff at for questions.

Lion Bucks

What Are Lion Bucks?
The Lion Bucks program was created for FHU students to be the ultimate complement to the university dining experience. Your campus ID card can now be used OFF CAMPUS at select restaurants as well as ON CAMPUS at all FHU Dining locations. You, your friends and family can reload the funds online 24/7. Now your campus ID gives you the utmost flexibility, variety, and value you deserve. 

Click the link to add money now:

You may also add Lion Bucks to your account by visiting the Dining Services Office in the Wallace-Gano Dining Hall.

Lion Bucks Benefits

Spending Power

    • Accepted at your favorite merchants close to campus 
    • Exclusive on and off-campus specials for Lion Bucks 
    • Easy to budget, track and add money online 24/7 


    • Use one card for everything you need. 
    • Your FHU ID card does it all 
    • Easy on-line account to access and deposit funds 


    • Safer than cash or credit cards 
    • Peace-of-mind that you will have access to food items 

Flexibility / Freedom

    • Easy to budget and track; add money anytime 
    • Parents, family and friends can reload funds anytime 
    • BOTH on-campus and off-campus convenience 
    • Unused account balances carry over

Participating Locations


    • Wallace-Gano Dining Hall
    • Pizza Hut
    • Original Burger 
    • Jazzman’s
    • Simply-To-Go


    • Jack’s  - 520 East Main Street
    • Burger King  - 450 East Main Street
    • The Lunch Box  - 253 North Church Avenue
    • Main Street Cafe  - 128 East Main Street
    • Besso's  - 112 East Main Street
    • Greens, Beans & Taters -  1314 HWY 45, STE A 

For Questions about Lion Bucks please speak with a FHU Dining Representative in the Wallace-Gano Dining Hall.