Library services (online and on-campus)
Being a full-time Freed-Hardeman student, you now have access to our library
which includes all online books, journals, newspapers and databases. You can access our
library on-campus and online.

Admission to on campus events with I.D. cards
Being a full-time student also allows you to have access to all on campus events including,
athletic games, movies, concerts and special events. These ID cards can also be used to
take advantage of college discounts around your hometown.

Access to academic advising
College Advising is a big process. At Freed-Hardeman we want to make sure that you have
the jumpstart you need to begin planning for the next four years. If you have any questions
please come by the One Stop Shop located on the first floor of the Gardener Center. We can
be reached at 731-989-6060.

Dual Enrollment students will have full access to our Tutoring and Learning Center. If you
are having trouble with a certain subject please contact us and we would love to get you the
assistance you need. We can be reached at 731-989-6060.