Class Information

Please check the school tab so see which courses are offered for your school each semester.

Students may use the following steps to register for classes:

  1. Login to
  2. Select the Register tab.
  3. Select the Register for Classes menu item.
  4. Select the Period for which you want to register.
    • If the status for the Period is OK to register, select the Period and continue with the registration process.
    • If the status for the Period is NOT OK to register, you are not authorized to register for this period as this time. Please contact: Ginger Young (731-989-6225), your advisor for more information.
  5. Find the course you want to take and add it to your cart.
    • Select the Section Search menu item.
    • Enter the Course Code such as MAT 101 or MAT to list all MAT courses.
    • Select Search.
    • Click the "Add" button to add a course to your cart. Only courses with available seats will show an "Add" button.
    • Click Proceed to Registration and the NEXT button to register for this class.
  6. Select the View Schedule menu item to review your schedule.



Withdrawing from a class

A student may withdraw from a class any time during the Drop/Add period. For dates of the Drop/Add period of your semester of enrollment, check the FHU calendar. If a student does not withdraw from the class during the Drop/Add period, the student will remain in the class through the end of the semester and will be financially responsible for the class. 

To withdraw from a class, a student must notify the faculty member teaching the class, and Hannah Painter (731-989-6225).