Frequently Asked Questions
Will the class be similar in difficulty to an AP or Honors high school class?
The course you will take as an Online Dual Enrollment Student is not a high school course. It is the same course with the same rigor that is offered to a full-time college student.
Is there support for me if I am having trouble with any of the programs that I will need to be successful while taking a course?
Yes, staff will be available for you to contact during the day between 8am and 5pm CST at 731-989-6111. You can also submit a HelpDesk ticket at
How do I pay my tuition?
You can send a payment in with your statement, or you may call the Cashier's Office at 731-989-6363 and pay with a credit or debit card.
How do I get in contact with my professors?
When you receive your syllabus, your professor will let you know the preferred method(s) and time to make contact.
Who can proctor a test for me?
We suggest that you contact a minister or your school district guidance counselor to make arrangements to have the exams administered. If you are close to FHU's campus, you may make arrangements with the Testing Center by contacting Connie Pritchard, 731-989-6061, Someone, other than a family member, must proctor your exams.
Is tutoring available?
Yes! Your syllabus will list the tutoring times for your classes.
What kind of computer do I need, and how do I need to equip it?
Follow this link and it will take you to our webpage that will give you a complete breakdown of what computer systems you will need to success:
Will I be required to come to campus?
You don?t have to come to campus, but visiting your campus for certain events will help you to qualify for a scholarship to FHU! We also can help you be successful as an online student.
Are there discounts that can be applied to the tuition for the courses?
If you are a resident of Tennessee, you may qualify for the Dual Enrollment Grant. We offer the course at such a low cost that other discounts, which might apply for you as a full-time student, will not be applicable for the tuition of an Online Dual Enrollment course.