FHU Graduation


9:15am - Doors will open in Loyd Auditorium at 9:15am. Guests are welcome to wear masks/face coverings, but are not required to do so.

9:15amGraduates line up in regalia in the Hope Barber Shull Academic Resource Center (Library). You will be provided a card with your name already printed on it. You are encouraged to add a phonetic spelling on the card if you are concerned about your name being pronounced correctly. Marshalls will help to verify regalia is accurate. Graduates may not decorate the top of their mortar boards (caps) to preserve the formality of the ceremony.

9:30am - Faculty line up at Loyd (Main Floor)

9:50am -  Students will process from the Library to first floor for commencement. 

10:00am - Processional. Graduates who arrive late will not be seated with the other graduates but will be allowed to walk across stage at the appropriate time.


Immediately following the ceremony all graduates and guests are invited to a reception in the Brewer Sports Center.



The ceremony will be a ticketed event for family/guests of May 2023 graduates. Each graduate will receive six (6) general admission tickets to share. All guests will be required to present a ticket. The graduate or children two years of age or younger sitting in the lap of a family member will not require a ticket.

  Ticket Options for Pick Up

  • Option One: Tickets will be available for pick up May 8 -12 from noon until 4:30pm in the Registrar's office, Henderson Campus, Gardner Center, Room 116

  • Option Two: Tickets will be available May 13 at 9:00am at the 'will call' table located in front of the Library

A small number of seats have been reserved for those with limited mobility to secure one of these seats. Many of the ground-floor seats must be reserved for graduating students due to the large size of the graduating class. All balcony seating is accessible by multiple stairways.



Parking - Loyd Auditorium The ceremony will be held in Loyd Auditorium (*Building 34 on the campus map). Please allow additional time to secure parking for you and your guests. There are limited handicap spaces near Loyd Auditorium.


Live Stream Link will become available for all of your friends and family NOT traveling to campus. This link will open at 9:45am on the morning of graduation.


commencement May 13, 2023

10AM ceremony


Doors will open in Loyd Auditorium at 9:15 a.m

Guests are welcome to wear masks/face coverings, but are not required to do so.



Graduation FAQ


Graduation FAQ – MAY 13, 2023


  • What is the time and date of graduation?

    • May graduation will take place at 10a.m. Saturday, May 13, 2023 in Loyd Auditorium.

    • Each graduate will receive six tickets to share with family and friends. Infant/children aged two years and younger may sit in family member’s lap.

    • The ceremony will be livestreamed to allow your additional family and friends to attend virtually: FHU Graduation


  • How do I order graduation announcements and/or a class ring?

    • Graduates, at their own expense, may order rings, announcements, and other graduation-related items excluding regalia online at https://collegegrad.herffjones.comOnce you are on the website, you will search for Freed-Hardeman University and then follow the steps to access your options for graduation supplies.


  • What is the best way to communicate graduation information to my family?

    • Students are ultimately responsible for communicating all graduation details to their family.Information concerning graduation can also be located at FHU website. FHU Graduation


  • How and where do I get my tickets?

    • OPTION ONE - Students may pick up SIX TICKETS at the Registrar's office May 8-12 noon to 4:30pm.  Gardner Center, Room 116 on the Henderson campus

    • OPTION TWO - You may choose to pick up tickets ‘day of’ graduation ceremony. A table will be set up in front of the Library at 9:00 a.m. You can then give to your family.

    • Dickson – Dr. Bob Spencer will distribute both tickets and regalia during class


  • How and where do I get my regalia? UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE IS IN CHARGE OF ALL REGALIA. 

    • Henderson - Students may pick up regalia at the University Bookstore May 8-13.  

    • Dickson – Dr. Bob Spencer will distribute both tickets and regalia during class

    • Online and Memphis Students – Please message the bookstore (knixon@fhu.edu) to make arrangements.The Bookstore will be open before the commencement if you wish to pick up on the morning of commencement. The University Bookstore does have a steamer to share.


  • What time is rehearsal?

    • There will no Graduation rehearsal


  • What should I wear to graduation?

    • Men should wear white dress shirts with a dark tie and dark dress pants. Black dress shoes are preferable, but not required.

    • Women should wear a simply-styled light-weight dress without a high neckline or a blouse paired with dark dress slacks and dark shoes.


  • May I decorate the top of my cap? No

    • To preserve the formality of the event, graduates may not decorate the tops of their graduation caps.


  • What seating will be available for guests?

    • The main floor and balcony will be available for guests of graduates.Due to the high volume of anticipated graduating students, most guests will be seated in the balcony.

    • The ceremony will be livestreamed to allow additional family and friends to attend virtually.


  • Is the stage handicap accessible?

    • The stage is handicap accessible.Please notify Heidi Sprouse (hsprouse@fhu.edu) before May 1, 2023, if you need mobility assistance.


  • Regalia Details: The student will be provided regalia (no ordering is required)

    • Undergraduate Students: wear their caps, gowns, and tassels.If applicable, students will wear their honor cords, Alpha Chi medallion, and/or Honors College stole.

    • Master’s and Specialist Students: wear their caps, tassels, gowns, hoods, college stoles, and medallions (if M.Div. or Ed.S.).Students will be presented with a pin on stage and have it affixed to their stole.Students completing a dual BBA/MBA program should wear their Master’s regalia along with any undergraduate honors regalia (Alpha Chi, honor cords, or Honors College stole).

    • Doctoral Students: wear their doctoral robes, college stoles, caps, and tassels.If the student previously obtained his or her Ed.S., and purchased the medallion, they may wear it.Medallions will not be provided for those that do not have one in their possession.

      • Doctoral students will be hooded on stage.


  • Photograph - An FHU photographer will be taking pictures as graduates receive diploma covers and shake hands with President Shannon.To purchase a copy of this picture –

    • Go to https://photos.fhu.edu/Academics/2023

    • Click May 2023.Photos will be in order of the way graduates walked across the stage. (Please allow four to six weeks for the photos to be posted to the website.)

    • When photo is found, click Buy Photos (at the top right).This will give information needed to complete an order to purchase photos with a credit card.


  • When will I receive my diploma?

    • During the graduation ceremony, students will receive their diploma cover.During the two-weeks after graduation, the Office of Academic Success and Records will perform the final clearance of student official transcript.Diplomas will be mailed from the printer to students at that time.A ‘digital’ copy of your diploma will be delivered to your email, this may be shared on social media.Major and/or Minors are included only on the student transcript.*The diploma lists your Degree


  • My name is going to be changing soon after graduation.Can I order my diploma with my new name on it?

    • The standard printing of the name on the diploma will be First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name.The name submitted will be the name printed on the diploma(s). You can only use the name that is on your school record at the time the application is completed or a variation of that name (i.e.- Charles Johnson Smith- C.J. Smith).If your name has recently been changed, and you want your new name on your diploma, please contact the registrar’s office and provide documentation for your name change before your application is submitted.


  • If your name will not be changing until after graduation, you do have the option of withholding your diploma until the name change is complete.

    • Once your name is changed, you must provide documentation to the registrar's office for your file, and then we will order your diploma.From that point it will take three to four weeks until we can deliver it to you.Even if you choose this option, the application to graduate must still be submitted by the deadline mentioned above.


  • What are the different types of graduation honors for  bachelor degrees, and how are they determined?

    • The three graduation honors for undergraduate students are summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude.Honors are determined by a student’s GPA the semester prior to the semester of his or her graduation.For May graduates, this would be the GPA at the end of the previous Fall or Summer semester (whichever was the last attended).GPA requirements are as follows:

      • Summa Cum Laude3.850

      • Magna Cum Laude3.600

      • Cum Laude3.400


  • Will I be able to use my FHU student portal/Canvas or email address after I graduate?

    • All students should secure any syllabi, grade reports, unofficial transcripts before graduation. The student access will be discontinued.

    • Graduates have access to student email accounts for approximately six months after their last registered semester.A notice is sent to all accounts 30 days prior to the account being closed.


  • Instructions for ordering your official transcript

    • Your transcript may be ordered as electronic pdf or mailed hard-copy.

    • If there is a University Hold on your transcript, it must be cleared prior to being released.

    • Your degree(s) major(s) and minor(s): undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate transcripts are included in every order you place. (Parchment/National Clearinghouse fees are $7.86 and shipping may include additional cost).

    • You may order at this link: https://www.fhu.edu/academics/registrar/transcript

    • Any name change requests must include proper documentation

    • Most transcript requests are completed within two business days


  • Contact information for Academic Success and Records Department


Questions about THE CEREMONY


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