Graduate Student FAQs

FHU Complete Frequently Asked Questions of current graduate students


2017 - 2018 Comprehensive Charge

What are the costs associated with FHU Complete for graduate students?

A comprehensive charge of $590 per credit hour will be charged for graduate courses.

What is included in the comprehensive charge?

The comprehensive charge is a single charge billed for each credit hour. There will be no additional fees added to the student bill.

What fees and charges have been eliminated by FHU Complete?

  • All Course Fees
  • Technology Fee
  • Application Fee
  • Graduation Fee
  • Honors Stole Rental Fee
  • Online Course Fee
  • Thesis Fee
  • Student Teaching Fee
  • Internship Fee
  • Comprehensive Exam Fee


Summer and Short Courses

What are the costs for summer courses and two-week (short) courses?

Students enrolling in summer courses and two-week (short) courses will be charged $590 per credit hour.

Do courses taken during two-week (short) session offered in January and August count toward full-time status for financial aid purposes?

Yes. For financial aid and institutional purposes, courses taken in the two-week sessions offered in January and August count toward full-time status in the semester immediately following the two-week session.