Financial Aid Awards

Please follow along with the checklist enclosed in your financial aid package to complete the required documents for the financial aid process.  Please complete all paperwork no later than July 1st.  All paperwork can be completed online by using the links below or at Once documents are completed, they will be forwarded to us electronically.  If you need a paper copy, please contact our office 1-800-348-3481 ext. 6662. 

1.  Electronically complete the Title IV Authorization Form.

2.  If you were awarded and accepted the TEACH Grant, you will need to complete the TEACH Entrance Counseling and the TEACH Agreement to Serve. To request the TEACH Grant, please complete the online TEACH Grant Request form.

3.  If you were awarded and accepted a Stafford Loan, please complete the Direct Stafford Entrance Counseling.

4.  If you were awarded and accepted a Stafford loan, please electronically complete the Direct Stafford Master Promissory Note.  You can find more information on loans here.

5.  If your parents accepted a Parent PLUS Loan, please have them complete a PLUS Loan Pre-Approval and a Direct Parent PLUS Loan Approval and Master Promissory Note electronically. 

6.  If you accepted an Alternative Loan, please compare, choose a loan, and complete the online application with your chosen lender.