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The nation, communities, families, local congregations and individuals—all benefit from an education permeated with the word of God. At Freed-Hardeman, we strive to equip students to be better citizens, parents, and church leaders. The Bible guides every discipline of every curriculum.

All full-time students are required to enroll in Bible classes. Collectively, they log more than 9,239 hours of biblical instruction each year. These classes seek to do more than teach the facts of scripture; they endeavor to teach the Lord of the scripture.

Every school day, the FHU campus pauses for chapel. In addition, smaller groups conduct devotional periods throughout the week. These worship periods are augmented by opportunities for service and evangelism.

All of this combines to produce not only excellent gospel preachers, but also outstanding Bible class teachers and church leaders. Your investment in Christian education reaps eternal rewards.

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Billy Smith       
"Your partnership with us in this great work is a trust we take seriously every day as we teach, train, and encourage the future leaders and workers of the church. ... May the Lord richly bless you."

Billy Smith
Dean of the school of Biblical Studies

Bible Teaching Program

David Lipe   
       The 2014 Annual Bible Lectureship theme is: "The Patience of Hope: First and Last Things in Thessalonians." The 78th annual Bible lectureship will be Feb. 2-6, 2014. 

Dr. David Lipe is the director of the Lectureship committee.

Annual Bible Lectureship

Taylor Comtois           "If I got a chance to talk to alumni, friends, and donors face to face, I would tell them how truly grateful and thankful I am that they have been a part of my life. ...If it wasn't for you all, this dream, this achievement, wouldn't happen." 

Taylor Comtois, FHU Student and Recipient of a Student Scholarship

Student Scholarships

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