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Dave Clouse
Vice President for Community Engagement

Gardner Center 111B
(O) 731-989-6100 or (M) 731-608-2577

Tonya Hyde
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Community Engagement

Loyd Auditorium 103
(O) 731-989-6019

Office of University Advancement

Kyle Lamb
Associate Vice President for University Advancement

Loyd Auditorium 101
(O) 731-989-6020 or (M) 731-608-7744

Office of Major Gift Planning

William Tucker
Assistant Vice President for the Major Gift Program & Estate Planning Support

(M) 731-608-7760

Office of Estate Planning and Regional Development

Melissa Seratt
Endowment Stewardship Manager

Loyd Auditorium 101
(O) 731-989-6020

Blake Beckham
Regional Development Director

Loyd Auditorium 101
(O) 731-989-6946 or (M) 731-608-2546

Myron Bruce
Regional Development Director (Texas and Surrounding States)

(M) 214-304-0286

Robert Youngblood
Regional Development Director (Alabama and Mississippi)

(M) 205-394-9341

Bobby Simpson
Regional Development Director (East Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, and the Carolinas)

(M) 865-337-3635

Randall Harris
Director of Church Relations

Loyd Auditorium 105
(O) 731-989-6967 or (M) 731-608-7184

Office of the Annual Fund

Ryan Malecha
Assistant Vice President for the Annual Fund

Loyd Auditorium 107
(O) 731-989-6022 or (M) 731-608-8209

James Farrow
Director of Annual Giving

Loyd Auditorium 109
(O) 731-989-6327

Office of Development Services

David Newberry
Assistant Vice President for Development Services

Loyd Auditorium 107
(O) 731-989-6778 or (M) 731-608-7181

Teresa Ross
Gifts Processor

Loyd Auditorium 107
(O) 731-989-6017

Office of the Chancellor

Milton R. Sewell

Office of the Chancellor, Old Main, First Floor
(O) 731-989-6054 or (M) 731-608-2534

Holly Chism
Administrative Specialist

Loyd Auditorium 151 President's Office
(O) 731-989-6301 or 731-989-6054