Why Give

There are many reasons to give. However, most of them can be narrowed down to one fundamental principle: belief in the mission. At Freed-Hardeman University it is our mission to impact the lives of our students with an education permeated with Christian values. 

Every year hundreds of students graduate from Freed-Hardeman University. They are the future generation of ministers, educators, entrepreneurs and medical professionals. They will be leaders in their professional fields as well as leaders in their homes, churches and communities. When you give to FHU you are not only providing a young person with a premier Christian education, you are also impacting those who will be influenced by our students now and in the future.

Why give to Freed-Hardeman University? Because you believe in the mission to ensure the next generation of leaders will know how to live and how to make a living


Alumni Giving: Why should you give back to FHU?

There are three key reasons why alumni giving percentage matters to FHU and why you, as an alum, may want to consider an annual gift to the University.

First, the alumni giving percentage is a "vote of support" in one's alma mater. U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges" tracks the percentage and uses it as part of the calculation for its rankings. When you give it helps FHU rank higher in national rankings. The higher FHU ranks the more value that is added to your own degree.

Second, alumni participation matters to many foundations and major donors. If the alumni support the school, then it sends a message that it is a place worthy of further investment with their major gifts.

Third, giving back as one is able shows a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness to the University, keeping it strong for the next generation.