Graduate Theology Research Symposium

The symposium seeks to bring a well-known expert in a field relevant to biblical studies to Freed-Hardeman University for academic advancement.

Dr. Norman Geisler 

This year's symposium, October 9, 2015, will focus on questions related to the certainty with which scholars can approach questions of truth and morality in a cultural context of moral relativism. What reasons can be provided for scholars to trust the Bible and demonstrate with absolute certainty the nature of truth and morality as defined by God?

Perhaps no field of biblical studies today is as relevant as issues related to truth and morality. In light of recent events, the need to discuss the nature of truth and morality in a pluralistic context is perhaps more pressing than ever. Furthermore, with attacks on the inerrancy or reliability of Scripture, the need for consideration of the trustworthy nature of Scripture as related to inspiration, canonization, transmission and translation is particularly a relevant discussion.

Dr. Norman Geisler, a prominent voice in the discussion of apologetics, is on the leading edge of these types of discussions in North America and throughout the world.


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Past Speakers

 2013     Dr. Craig L. Blomberg 
 2012   Dr. Daniel Wallace