Graduate Theology Research Symposium

The symposium seeks to bring a well-known expert in a field relevant to biblical studies to Freed-Hardeman University for academic advancement. This year’s symposium will focus on an oft-neglected area of biblical studies as four scholars who earned their terminal degrees from Hebrew Union College will be speaking on research topics associated with Old Testament texts, themes and backgrounds.

In celebrating the beginning of our Master of Arts in Old Testament program beginning at FHU, and recognizing the historical significance of the relationship between Hebrew Union College and the churches of Christ, it is appropriate to consider relevant research questions and topics related to Old Testament studies. In light of the general neglect of this area of study among many and the failure even of some New Testament scholars to accurately represent trends and themes associated with the Old Testament, this year’s sessions will be particularly relevant. The historical, textual, and intertextual themes to be addressed will prove to be both challenging and relevant.

Dr. Rodney Cloud, Dr. Clyde M. Woods, Dr. Ed Gallagher, and Dr. Justin Rogers have all made important contributions in their research and teaching, especially as related to Old Testament studies.


Dr. Doug Burleson, Ph.D.

Director, Graduate Theology Research Symposium

Gardner Chair of Biblical Excellence


Past Speakers

 2015   Dr. Norman Geisler 
 2013     Dr. Craig L. Blomberg 
 2012   Dr. Daniel Wallace