Featuring Dr. Rodney Cloud, Dr. Clyde Woods, Dr. Justin Rogers, and Dr. Ed Gallagher
Friday, October 14
Ayers Auditorium, Brown-Kopel Business Center



9:30am     Session 1: The Historicity of David 
                      Dr. Rodney Cloud

Session 2: What Do OT Scholars Wish Everyone Knew About the OT? (Chapel)

                      Dr. Clyde M. Woods
11:00am    A Brief Introduction to the M.A. in Old Testament Program at FHU 
                      Dr. Mark Blackwelder, Director, Graduate School of Theology
11:15am    Luncheon 
12:15pm    A Brief Survey of the Historical Connections Between Hebrew Union College & the Churches of Christ 
                      Dr. Justin Rogers
 12:30pm   Session 3: The Septuagint (LXX) in Biblical Research
                      Dr. Ed Gallagher
 1:30pm   Session 4:  Preliminaries to Perfection: The Interpretation of Genesis 16 in Philo of Alexandria and its Alexandrian Christian Reception
                      Dr. Justin Rogers