Lifestyle Coaching and PHA

Lifestyle Coaching/Personal Health Analysis from BlueCross

The program is free and open to ALL employees on our health insurance plan and their covered family members (over age 18). If you are not covered by our health insurance plan you may complete a different personal health assessment. Please contact me for links to these sites.


Completing the Personal Health Analysis:

First, you must register with Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN as a MEMBER on their website. If you are not the primary (your spouse has the insurance in their name) then the primary member will have to register online.

Once logged in you will click on the "Personal Health Analysis (PHA)" link. You will then select your name from the eligible participants and click the "continue" button beside your name. This will open up a new window/tab in your internet browser. Some browsers are set to block "pop up" pages. If the page does not appear hold down the control button on your keyboard as you click on the "continue" button. The new page will have a link in the top right hand corner for the personal health analysis tool. Click on the link and begin your PHA.

Once you have completed the PHA you are eligible to participate in the Lifestyle Health Coaching. Select "Work on an Individual Action Plan" under "To Do". You will be provided with three options for the lifestyle coaching; telephonic health coaching, email health coaching, or self directed service. Through the program you are able to select topics of interest, set health goals, and decide action steps to help you achieve those goals. A follow up date will be provided as a reminder of when you should update your progress and establish new goals.

Once logged in, browse around and look at the many tools and links. I have placed a link to the Blue Cross website and the details about the lifestyle coaching program on our FHU benefits web site listed below.