iKnow Initiative

Technology needs for the academic year


Building on the success of iKnow, all students will need to bring a computer with them to campus. Apple products can be purchased at any time, often at a discount, from http://apple.com/edu/fhu. It may also be possible to use your financial aid to cover the cost of a computer. Please call the Office of Student Financial Services to discuss details (toll free at 1-800-FHU-FHU1 ext. 6662 or directly at 731-989-6662).

For further answers to questions you may have, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Student Tutorials

These references will be beneficial as you use technology in your studies.

Personal Computing

The latest in personal computing technology is desired to foster creativity and inspire innovation.

iKnow 2.0

iKnow 2.0 is FHU's next step toward creating collaborative learning environments that are permeated with technology.