Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum computer requirements?

FHU Minimum Academic Computing Standards for Students

Is wireless available on campus?

Yes, we have a robust wireless infrastructure in place all over campus including the dorms and classrooms. It is 802.11g/n compatible.

Can I buy the equipment from FHU?

Yes. You can visit the Apple kiosk in our campus bookstore or go here: anytime to purchase Apple devices.

Will my financial aid cover the cost(s)?

It is possible, but will depend on your situation. Please talk to a financial aid counselor by emailing or calling 731-989-6662.

Can I bring my own wireless access point?

No. Personal wireless access points interfere with the main FHU wireless network.

Can I still get an iPhone?

Not through FHU. You can directly deal with AT&T or Verizon. You will, however, qualify for a discount on your monthly service plan.

Do students need both an iPad and a computer?

Yes. Having both devices assures the students have all the technology devices they need to be successful at FHU.

There will be times a personal computer will be needed, such as writing research papers, creating project presentations and accessing Blackboard, our learning management system, etc. In addition, all faculty have MacBooks and some make extensive use of several MacBook applications in their classrooms. With the iPad, students will be able read, study and interact with digital resources and digital textbooks like Inkling (, check email, look at their schedules, access educational apps from the iTunes App Store, etc.