Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum computer requirements?

FHU Minimum Academic Computing Standards for Students

Is wireless available on campus?

Yes, we have a robust wireless infrastructure in place all over campus including the dorms and classrooms. It is 802.11g/n compatible.

Can I buy the equipment from FHU?

Yes. You can visit the Apple kiosk in our campus bookstore or go here: anytime to purchase Apple devices.

Will my financial aid cover the cost(s)?

It is possible, but will depend on your situation. Please talk to a financial aid counselor by emailing or calling 731-989-6662.

Can I bring my own wireless access point?

No. Personal wireless access points interfere with the main FHU wireless network.

Can I still get an iPhone?

Not through FHU. You can directly deal with AT&T or Verizon. You will, however, qualify for a discount on your monthly service plan.