iKnow 2.0

At Freed-Hardeman University you can expect to go to the next level — to be challenged to think in new ways, to learn new things from different perspectives and to take your creativity and productivity to new levels.

iKnow 2.0 is FHU's next step toward creating collaborative learning environments that are permeated with technology and based upon sound pedagogical principles. It is a culmination of successes of the original iKnow initiative and ideas and suggestions obtained from faculty and other stakeholders.

Launched in the fall of 2008, the iKnow Initiative blended mobile technology with student learning and campus life. Incoming freshmen received a MacBook and a choice of iPhone or iPod Touch. Faculty continue to gain access to pedagogical technologies not previously available, thereby allowing them to become innovative in ways not possible or feasible before the iKnow Initiative began.

Innovations in mobile technology and a renewed emphasis on student learning facilitated a critique of the current initiative and the development of iKnow 2.0. The updated initiative is a culmination of input from faculty focus groups and classroom pilots that demonstrated the benefits of integrating technology such as the iPad into the learning environment. Resources provided by iKnow 2.0 support academic endeavors such as the iLearn program. Despite its many enhancements, the objectives for iKnow 2.0 remain grounded in support of academics. iKnow 2.0 is an academic initiative that promises to make a lasting impact on faculty innovation and student learning at Freed-Hardeman University.