Classroom Innovation

Finding New Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom by Facilitating Faculty Innovation

iKnow 2.0 is more than just MacBooks, iPads and software applications. It's faculty and students using technology to collaborate, engage, and enhance the learning process, both in and outside the classroom. Faculty supported by instructional technologists from the Center for Instructional Innovation and iLearn help to facilitate innovation in teaching and learning.


The iLearn Program

The iLearn Program supports the objectives of iKnow 2.0 by providing the resources and training necessary to integrate technology into the pedagogy of faculty. Not only does iLearn provide resources and training, it also measures the impact of technology integration on student learning outcomes. The successes achieved by faculty and students participating in the iLearn program will be shared and implemented campus-wide.

Instructional Innovation

The Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) works continually to introduce faculty and students to innovative technologies in teaching and learning. The CII provides resources, training and support to faculty and students. These efforts help to achieve the objectives of iKnow 2.0.

Faculty Training Resources

The University supports iKnow 2.0 by providing facilities such as the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and the Innovator?s Room. 

The Teaching and Learning Center located in Brown-Kopel Business Center, Room 332, serves as a resource for all faculty who are interested in developing and incorporating technology into their pedagogy. The Innovator's Room located in the Brown-Kopel Business Center, Room 333, is specially equipped with the latest in pedagogical technologies to allow faculty to enhance the student's learning experience through innovation in the classroom.