Program Objectives

Objective #1 - Improving the student experience.

The iKnow Initiative aims to enhance the students' time on campus both in the classroom and outside the classroom by improving the value and quality of the campus experience. One way iKnow accomplishes this is by providing each student with appropriate mobile technology. In addition, FHU also provides a robust wireless infrastructure that reaches all areas of campus providing seamless high speed network access at all times.


Objective #2 - Improving student learning outcomes.

The iKnow Initiative culminates the devoted energy and effort of the iKnow team and serves as a foundation to the students during the learning process. The iKnow technology options provided to the students and faculty as part of this initiative strive to improve the student learning process in many ways such as: it is no longer necessary for learning to only occur in the classroom, students have the ability to be more innovative in their studies, it is no longer necessary to rely only on textbooks that become quickly outdated, etc.


Objective #3 - Strengthening communications and relationships.

As both students and faculty embrace the iKnow Initiative and the mobility it provides, a natural derivative has been the availability of near real-time communications. Faculty can host virtual office meetings, allow questions to be asked using the iKnow applications or using SMS technology, students and faculty can share resource finds with each other via Facebook, Twitter, and other appropriate collaborative tools.


Objective #4 - Facilitating faculty innovation.

Because of the iKnow Initiative, faculty gain access to teaching technologies not previously available, thereby allowing them to become innovative in ways not possible or feasible before the initiative began. In addition, the initiative also provides for instructional technologists to assist faculty in learning about the newest mobile and Web 2.0 technologies available and helping them understand which ones would work best for them and their students.


Objective #5 - Distinguishing FHU and its students.

The iKnow Initiative aims to enhance the students' time on campus both in the classroom and outside the classroom by improving the value and quality of this complete experience thereby sustaining the attractiveness of FHU as their college selection.


Objective #6 - Strengthening our academic reputation.

FHU desires that both the university and its students be recognized for their educational excellence. The iKnow Initiative is already strengthening this reputation by creating an international interest in the initiative with many requests for details and requests for guidance from other institutions seeking to investigate or implement similar initiatives.


Objective #7 - Preparing our students to become life-long learners.

The iKnow Initiative supports the quest for achieving life-long learning by introducing students to learning opportunities beyond the classroom with mobile technologies that are also pervasive in the workplace. This experience allows students to transition easily to the work place and a range of other situations while continuing to be life-long learners.