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Personal Computing Technology

iKnow 2.0 recognizes that the creation of content is a critical component of the teaching and learning process. Every student must be equipped with the latest in personal computing technology to foster creativity and inspire innovation. To that end, every incoming freshman is asked to bring a MacBook or Windows computer to campus. It is important to note that some courses or majors may require additional hardware and/or software to successfully complete the course and may only work on a MacBook.

The MacBook has a proven track record of providing state-of-the-art applications running on a reliable hardware platform with fewer crashes and virus attacks. The seamless integration of the MacBook and iPad creates a computing platform that is robust in functionality, yet easy-to-use for students. MacBooks may be purchased through the online FHU Apple Store.

Although we encourage students to consider the MacBook, we recognize that Windows-based computers may meet student needs when equipped with the appropriate hardware and software. We encourage each student to review the computing requirements for his or her area of study to determine if a Windows computer is right for them.



Technology Needs

Building on the success of iKnow, all students will need to bring a computer with them to campus. Apple products can be purchased at any time, often at a discount, from It may also be possible to use your financial aid to cover the cost of a computer. Please call the Office of Student Financial Services to discuss details (toll free at 1-800-FHU-FHU1 ext. 6662 or directly at 731-989-6662).

See the Academic Computing Standards for Students guide for more information regarding personal computing technology.

For further answers to questions you may have, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.