80th Annual Bible Lectureship   February 7-11, 2016

It is our pleasure to announce the theme for the 80th Freed-Hardeman University, "In My Place: The Servant Savior in Mark."

We are excited to announce the theme for the 80th Annual Freed-Hardeman University Lectures (February 7-11, 2016), “In My Place: The Servant Savior in Mark.” The Gospel of Mark is often overlooked as the brief, fast-moving narrative that shares so much content with the longer Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke, yet Mark’s perspective on Christ challenges readers to consider the power of the suffering Savior who ultimately came to pay the price for the sin of humankind. Christians today should not forget the power of the Christ who suffered and died in their place.

We welcome all of you and thank you for helping Freed-Hardeman continue to have a great Bible lectureship each year.

Doug Burleson

Douglas Y. Burleson
Director, FHU Annual Bible Lectureship