Finding Items
How do I search for Books in the catalog?

How much of the call number do I need to find the book?

The book I want is checked out. What can I do?

The book I want is supposed to be here, but it’s not on the shelf. What can I do?

The library doesn’t have the book I want. Is there any way I can get it?

If I'm enrolled at FHU's Memphis or Dickson campus, can I pick up library books at my campus?

How long might I wait for InterLibrary Loan requests?

Can I recommend a book the library should purchase?

Where are Videos, DVDs, CDs, and Tapes?

Returning Items
Where do I return books, videos, etc?

How much is the fine for overdues?

Can I renew my books without bringing them to the library?

If I'm enrolled at FHU's Memphis or Dickson campus, can I return items to my campus?

Can I use a laptop in the library and get wireless internet service?

What Can I Check Out Of The Library?
What can I check out and how long can I keep them?

Can I check videos and DVDs out of the library?

I am in the Honors College. Do I have any special borrowing privileges?

I am enrolled at FHU's Memphis or Dickson campus. What can I check out?

I've never gone to Freed-Hardeman University, but I live in the area. Can I check out books?

I'm an alumnus of Freed-Hardeman University. Do I still have the ability to check out books?

I'm not a student at Freed-Hardeman University, but I go to a different college nearby. Can I check out books?

FAX and Copies
Is there a FAX machine in the library?

Can I have someone send a FAX to me through the library so I can pick it up later?

Is there a copier in the library?

Is there a scanner in the library?

Online Resources
If I find a journal citation that doesn't have full text, how can I locate the article?

How do I access reserves online?

Sales / Donations
When does the Scholastic Bookfair come to the library?

Does the library ever sell any old or extra books?

Can I donate some of my books to the library?

Coming To The Library
Where can I park when I visit?

Is there an entrance that is wheelchair accessible?

Is there a dress code for the library?

How do I cite the items I find in the library?