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InterLibrary Loan FAQs

What is an InterLibrary Loan?
It is a service provided by the library. If we don't have an article or book you need we will try to get if from another library so you can use it.
Does it cost anything?
Processing / Postage: There is a $1 processing charge for each article and a $3 processing and postage charge for each book, usually applied to your student account.

Extra Fee: Sometimes the lending library charges a fee to let other schools use their materials. When you submit your form, you can say whether you would be willing to pay such a fee ONLY IF IT WERE REQUIRED and the limit you would be willing to pay. For instance, if you really needed a book, you might say you are willing to pay $5 if the lending library required it. Even if you say you are willing to pay a certain amount, we always try to find the material for free first! Only if we can't locate it do we get the loan from a library that asks for a fee. Most of the loans we get do not charge a fee.
How long does take to get my request filled?
Articles tend to take a couple of workdays - They are usually faxed or emailed so they arrive quickly.

Books take anywhere from a few days to two weeks - We get InterLibrary Loans filled from libraries all over the nation and the world.

For every InterLibrary Loan, always request it early in case it ends up taking a few weeks to arrive.
Where do I go to pick up my loan?
You will receive an email or call from Karen Hobbs, our InterLibrary Loan Librarian, who will tell you when it arrives. After that, come by the library and ask for her or the InterLibrary Loan desk. It is in the tech services area of the library. Under special circumstances, an article could be emailed to you instead, although normally articles and books are picked up from the library.
Where do I return my loan?
Bring it back to the library and give it to Karen Hobbs or any of the librarians.
If I get an article through InterLibrary Loan, do I have to return it?
No. It's yours forever.
What is the charge for overdues?
It is 25 cents a day. Don't forget that another library is doing us a favor by lending us these books! Try to bring them in on time, or contact us before they're due to see if they can be renewed.
How long can I keep it? / Can I renew it?
Both of these things depend on the library who is loaning it to you. Usually the checkout period is between two and four weeks. Some libraries may allow you to renew the book, but some may not.
Can it be mailed to me?
Sorry, we don't mail InterLibrary Loans books. We do email articles, but only on special request.
Do I have to know what library has this book?
No, you don't have to know where to find the book - we'll take care of that
Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
Contact Karen Hobbs at or 731-989-6981
Copyright Disclaimer...
Title 17 of the U.S. Code regarding the copyright law of the United States allows for "fair use" of copied materials from libraries for "private study, scholarship, or research" only. The FHU library respects the copyright law and reserves the right to limit loans as deemed necessary.