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A to Z List of Library eJournals

Action in Teacher Education
Fulltext articles from 1997 - present

American Historical Review
Extended archives available online

Annual Review of Physiology
Covers the significant developments in Physiology, 1939-present

The Atlantic
Free access to archives of The Atlantic

The Bible Translator
Fulltext articles from The Bible Translator from 2006-present

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly
Fulltext articles from 1999 - present

Ceramics Monthly
Monthly journal with relevant, informed content on contemporary ceramic art. See login information

The Christian Century
Christian journal that reports on theological, moral, and cultural issues. See login information

Christian Standard
Free access to the Christian Standard archives

Chronicle of Higher Education
News, info, and jobs for university faculty and administrators. See login information

Communication Quarterly
Fulltext articles from 1997 - present

Communication Research Reports
Fulltext articles from 1997 - present

Dead Sea Discoveries
An international journal dedicated to the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and associated literature. Note: FHU has access to 2011 and 2012 only.

Discover Magazine
Online version of Discover Magazine

About the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

The Economist
A weekly news and international affairs publication See login information

Educational Action Research
Peer-reviewed journal exploring the dialogue between research and practice in educational settings

Educational Leadership
Monthly journal about teaching and learning for educators. See login information

ENR: Engineering News Record
A weekly magazine about construction by McGraw-Hill Construction. Also includes: ENR's Sourcebooks, Cost Indexes, etc. See login information

European History Quarterly
Fulltext articles from 2000-2004

Expository Times
Fulltext articles from 1800-present

Fast Company
Design + Technology

Searchable online version of Forbes

Foreign Affairs
The American journal of international relations. See login information

General Music Today
Fulltext articles from Apr 2008 - Oct 2010

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies
Peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to the culture and history of Greece from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Fulltext articles from 1958-present

Group Magazine
Helping youth ministry workers. See login information

Archives of Inc magazine

Journal for the Study of Judaism
A leading international forum for scholarly discussions on the history, literature and religious ideas on Judaism. Note: FHU has access to 2011 and 2012 only.

Journal of Business Communication
Fulltext articles from 1999 - present

Journal of Chemical Education Online
Fulltext journal available online

Journal of Early Christian Studies
Archives from 1993-present

Journal of Interior Design
Fulltext journal available from 1997-present

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
Current and past issues available online

Journal of the First Year Experience & Students In Transition
Current and past issues available online

Archives from 2003-present

New Testament Studies
Fulltext articles from 1999-present

New Wineskins
Archives from New Wineskins

O: The Oprah Magazine
Searchable version of the magazine

PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art
Archives from 2002-present

Plant Science Bulletin
Archives from 1955-present

Popular Science
Search the archives from 1873-present

Free access to the magazine's archives online

Qualitative Research Reports in Communication
Access to the magazine's archives from 2005-present

Royal Society Journal
The world's first peer-reviewed scientific journal! Free archives from 1665 - 1940s

School Arts
National magazine for educators in the visual arts

Scottish Journal of Theology
Fulltext articles from Scottish Journal of Theology

Stone-Campbell Journal
Free access to archives

Studia Theologica
Archives from 2005-present

Fulltext articles from Theology from 2009-present

Time Magazine
Search the archives from 1923-present

Voices From The Middle
Archives available from 1995-present

World Magazine
A biweekly Christian news magazine. See login information

Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft
The leading international periodical in the field of research in the Old Testament and early Judaism. Note: articles may be in German or English.

Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft
A highly reputed journal for the exegesis of the New Testament and knowledge of the early church. Note: articles may be in German or English.