Memphis and Dickson Campus Delivery

If you're enrolled at our Memphis or Dickson campus, you can request to have books delivered to you at your campus for free. You'll also be able to return them to the same location when you're done.

Use the form below to request an item for delivery. First find the item in our online catalog, and then copy and paste the title and call number for the item into the form. Also provide some information about you so we know who we're sending it to. Please note that at this time the delivery service is for books only.

In Memphis, you can pick up delivered items from the Memphis receptionist, Sandra Hudley, from 8:00am - 5:00pm, M-F. In Dickson, you can pick up or drop off delivered material at the Faculty Office (Rm 227), during any hours of operation, M-F. Dickson students should contact Evan Radtke if you have any questions, concerns, or after dropping off a book. For either campus, please allow a few days of transit time for your items to arrive.

Did you know we also have a scan & email service for print materials? For example, if you need a small portion of a book (e.g., a chapter or two), we can scan the pages and email them to you - often within 24 hours! See the Scan and Email form for details.

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