Kid President to Appear on Today Show Wednesday

JANUARY 29, 2013

Internet sensation Kid President will appear on NBC’s Today Show tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Jan. 30, in his national network debut. The interview is expected to air in the 9 o’clock segment.

Kid President, originally a rather modest creation of the Freed-Hardeman University Office of Marketing and University Relations to promote the school’s annual benefit dinner, has exploded into something much larger. A series of episodes urging viewers “to make the world awesome” and to “be a party” have gone viral on YouTube.

The most recent posting, “A Pep Talk,” has been viewed almost three million times. It is dedicated to Gabbi Cook, two-year old daughter of Matt and Charla Cook (both FHU alumni) who recently had a liver transplant.

Kid President is portrayed by Robbie Novak, a third grader at East Chester Elementary School in Henderson. He is the son of David, a member of the FHU staff, and Laurie Novak and the brother of Kristi Montague, creative director of the FHU Office of Marketing and University Relations. The videos are produced by his brother-in-law Brad Montague, who directs the university’s efforts in social media.

Kid President began as a method to promote Freed-Hardeman’s annual benefit dinner with Condoleezza Rice. Robbie had helped to promote the previous benefit dinner featuring Bob Newhart. He reprised his role as promoter, this time as Kid President. Since that beginning, he has further developed, defined and promoted the character.

“We’re overwhelmed and honored that so many have connected with Kid President. We hope it encourages others to take positive action in their lives,” Brad Montague, who directs FHU’s Go! Camp, said. Go! Camp is a service-oriented week-long effort held each summer at FHU. “It is about empowering kids, helping them to have a voice. That’s what we hope these videos do too.”

As for Kid President, he says this experience is “awesome!”
Videos may be seen at or viewed on YouTube