FHU Students to Attend Shakespeare Performances in Staunton, VA.

MARCH 13, 2013

Freed-Hardeman University students will enjoy performances of Shakespeare’s plays at the BlackFriars Playhouse, a part of the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Va., March 15-17.

The Blackfriars Playhouse is the world's only re-creation of the indoor theater used by Shakespeare and his acting company. The students will tour the facility and attend productions of plays from the Shakespearean period. This year, the students will see “Two Noble Kinsmen” by Shakespeare and John Fletcher, “The Country Wife” by William Wycherley, and “The Custom of the Country” by John Fletcher and Philip Massinger. The plays are staged using “original practice,” in which the actors employ production, rehearsal, and acting methods and techniques from the age of Shakespeare.

Dr. Derrick Spradlin, FHU English professor who has been involved in the trip every spring semester since 2007, says, “The result is a very different kind of theatrical experience than what most of us are used to; and it's terribly fun.”

The Department of Communication and Literature hosts this trip annually in conjunction with FHU’s Renaissance Drama class.