Local Students Visit FHU's Grooms Exhibit

NOVEMBER 7, 2013

Grooms Exhibit

Fifteen students from East Chester Elementary School toured Freed-Hardeman University’s Red Grooms exhibition Monday, Nov. 4. Kim Scott, principal of East Chester, and teacher Belinda Anderson arranged the visit as a reward for the students.

Dr. Barbara England, chair of the Department of Fine Arts and associate professor of art at FHU, provided the students background knowledge before showing them the exhibit. She also discussed Grooms and presented a slideshow of his work.

Students were then separated into groups and asked to look for recurring objects in Grooms’ work in the gallery. The scavenger hunt included fire-trucks, taxis and musical instruments.

“The students walked around the gallery in their groups and talked about each work,” said Anna Blair, a junior art major who helped with the tour. “The kids really enjoyed getting up close to the artwork.”

After seeing the gallery, students created their own pop-up “Rukus Taxi,” patterned after the work in the exhibit. Some students considered the project their favorite part of their tour.

“East Chester students were in awe during the visit,” said Anderson. “Mrs. Barbara (as she told the students to call her) helped third graders see the wonders and talents in Red Grooms during the experience.” She adds, “One student asked if you could come to FHU and learn to ‘do’ art like Red Grooms.”

The Grooms exhibit features six prints and three litho-sculptures from the Caldwell Collection at the West Tennessee Regional Art Center. Students, faculty and members of the community can view the exhibit from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day through Nov. 16.