The Cybersphere Digital Theater is a teaching and performance space designed for instruction, live theatre productions, musical concerts, special events, laser light shows, interactive media performances, and planetarium shows. 

About The Cybersphere and Digistar 3 System

At the heart of our educational and entertainment experience is Evans and Sutherland's most popular digital planetarium system, Digistar 3. This powerful hardware combined with integrated software are capable of generating immersive fulldome, color images consisting of real time 3D computer graphics astronomical simulations and fulldome video. Our system uses 6 projectors working together to seamlessly create the fulldome experience.

Located in the center of our theater is Audio Visual Imagineering's Omniscan Laser Graphics Projector. Brilliant laser light, in an infinite array of colors, scans the dome with incredible speed, creating some of the most unusual and colorful imagery in the world. Omniscan creates animated laser graphics sequences and live patterns of pure light dancing right before viewers' eyes.

Installed in the armrest of each seat is a small keypad which allows the audience to interact with the program they are experiencing. In addition, the theater contains a collection of high-quality video projection devices, more than 20 slide and special effects projectors, 13 different speaker enclosures with more than 14,000 watts of audio amplification and a sophisticated control system capable of synchronizing every device in the theater. 

The auditorium style seating accommodates up to 138 under a hemispherical projection dome 60 feet in diameter. The dome is constructed of perforated aluminum sheets and covers more than 6,000 square feet.



Tickets are on sale prior to each show at the Box Office. Call 615-740-5600 for details.

Ticket Prices: $6 per person