Tennessee Board of Regents

Office of Mobilization and Emerging Technologies

TN Board of Regents prides itself on the ability to use strategic planning, facilitate professional development opportunities, training, research, exploration, evaluation, and piloting of mobilization (mobile devices and apps). TBR strives to be a leader of incorporating new innovations of Emerging Technologies, Social Networking, gaming, simulations, and 3D-Augmented Virtual Worlds. TBR focuses not only learning about emerging technologies but also how this technology can be used to enhance teaching, learning, student success, and workforce development and training.

TBR Contacts

Robbie K. Melton, Associate Vice Chancellor, 615-740-5509, robbie.melton@tbr.edu

Tiffany Sweeney, Administrative Assistant, 615-740-5593, tiffany.sweeney@tbr.edu