Lover of the Light
In the beginning, God creates light, and the Book of Revelation ends with John seeing Heaven and being surrounded by eternal light. All throughout scripture, we see the light shining in people's lives as they come to know God. As Christians we are called to walk in the light and to show light to others, but it often feels like we're being swallowed by the darkness of the world we live in. This year at RUSH we explore how the light has impacted the world, how my light influences those around me, and how to overcome the darkness. Meet other young Christians who are searching for truth, and discover how to become a great Lover of the Light.

At RUSH, you'll discover...
dynamic lessons, meaningful worship and memorable classes. You'll also have the chance to meet new people. A lot of new people. Break away from routine and find yourself at RUSH this September. You'll leave prepared and stronger for every day ahead of you!

RUSH is an unforgettable weekend...
for middle and high school students on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University. It's about growing closer to God and to other Christians. Each fall students from across the country break away from their ordinary schedules and find themselves at FHU for what has become a can't-miss weekend. Join more than 1,500 students who are interested in living the dynamic lifestyle of a Christian. Reach Unlimited Spiritual Heights.