R.U.S.H. 2016

The Desert: September 16 - 18, 2016

Last year we reached the Summit. This year we’re wandering through the desert.  

Every time Jesus is tempted by Satan in the desert, he references lessons learned from the Children of Israel as they wandered through the desert.  Lessons learned from Jesus’s responses to Satan will help us not only survive the deserts in our own lives, but learn how to avoid them altogether.

Join us for a weekend of unforgettable classes and keynotes, a concert, The Hypnotist: Jim Wand and much more as we learn to rejoice in the Lord as our oasis and living spring.



  • The First Temptation Matthew 4:1-4
  • The Second Temptation Matthew 4:5-7
  • The Third Temptation Matthew 4:8-10


Other Events:

  • Concert in the Commons
  • Legendary Hypnotist, Jim Wand