Below you can find the schedule for RUSH 2016.  We're finalizing some great things for RUSH 2017, so check back here for updates!

6:00pm - 10:00pm      Registration & Chester Co. BBQ Festival                              Gardner Center & Downtown Henderson
 6:00pm   Lady Lions Volleyball   Sports Center
8:30pm    Welcome to RUSH    Loyd Auditorium 
Worship    Loyd Auditorium 
9:15pm   Keynote    Loyd Auditorium 
9:45pm    Concert in the Commons   Heritage Commons
8:00am - 12:00pm   
Gardner Center
9:00am   Morning Game Plan   Loyd Auditorium
9:45am   Class Period 1    Various Locations
10:30am    Class Transition    
10:45am   Class Period 2   Various Locations
11:45am   Lunch (Group 1)
Games (Groups 2 and 3)

Gano Cafeteria
The Commons and Sports Center Lawn
12:30pm   Lunch (Group 2)
Games (Groups 1 and3)
  Gano Cafeteria
The Commons and Sports Center Lawn
1:00pm    Lady Lions Volleyball   Sports Center
1:15pm   Lunch (Group 3)
Games (Groups 1 and 2)
  Gano Cafeteria
The Commons and Sports Center Lawn
2:15pm   Class Period 3
Loyd Auditorium
3:00pm   Class Transition    
3:15pm   Open Forum    Loyd Auditorium
4:00pm - 7:00pm    Dinner & Walk4Water   Wallace-Gano & Commons
7:00pm   Worship   Loyd Auditorium 
7:30pm   Keynote   Loyd Auditorium
8:15pm   Movie   Heritage Commons
9:45pm    The Hypnotist: Jim Wand   Loyd Auditorium
8:00am   Worship & Communion    Loyd Auditorium
8:30am   Keynote
Loyd Auditorium