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Bible, Philosophy Professor Defends Historicity of Jesus

Freed-Hardeman University’s Dr. Ralph Gilmore, professor of Bible and philosophy, participated in an adversarial dialogue sponsored by the Warren Apologetics Center entitled, “The Historical Jesus: An Adversarial Dialogue Concerning the Existence of Jesus Christ.” The event, held May 9 in Vienna, W. Va., was professionally webcast to a large audience.

Gilmore, with the assistance of FHU professor Dr. Doug Burleson, made the case for the Jesus Christ of the New Testament. The discussion also involved Roy A. Varghese, author and editor of two volumes of “Intellectuals Speak Out About God,” who gave a historical view of Jesus consistent with Catholicism. Dr. Robert M. Price, author of more than a dozen books including “Deconstructing Jesus” and “The Christ- Myth Theory,” promoted the view that Jesus never existed. He is considered one of the top “Jesus atheists” alive today.

Price argued against the historicity of Jesus by comparing the gospel stories of Jesus as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to the basic characteristics of “hero-myth legends.” Gilmore and Burleson were able to show that using Price’s 22-point hero-myth scale, Beowulf and Buddha had the same historical support.

Gilmore is one of the most prominent students of Thomas B. Warren for whom the Warren Apologetics Center is named. He has researched and written in the area of Christian apologetics, as well as appeared in several forums involving public discussion of Bible topics.

The webcast can still be viewed in its entirety at

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