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FHU Named Founding School

Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program Names FHU Founding School

Freed-Hardeman University has been named a Founding School of the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, joining more than 90 schools across the United States who also have this distinction. The Achievement Program’s Founding Schools initiative brings together various schools and institutions from across the country in the pursuit of excellence in music education.

Launched in March 2011 by New York’s Carnegie Hall and Canada’s Royal Conservatory, The Achievement Program provides a standard for musical achievement for people of all ages studying music in the US, offering a sequential course of study from beginner through advanced levels. Modeled on the acclaimed examination system of The Conservatory in Canada, the program was created in response to feedback from parents and teachers requesting a top- quality nationally recognized system to track students’ musical progress.

The program centers on periodic assessments for students—one-on-one adjudicator-to-student performance evaluations that also function as valuable teaching and learning opportunities. In each practical assessment, a certified professional adjudicator evaluates a student’s performance of repertoire, studies (etudes), and musical proficiency skills. Assessments are offered for keyboard, string, woodwind, and brass instruments; voice; and the academic subjects of music theory, music history, and pedagogy.

Fifty students, from elementary school to college aged, are enrolled currently in the program at FHU. Students are using the program in their piano instruction, under the direction of Dr. Richard England, Founding Teacher.

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Kelley Benson   12/12/2012 6:40:06 PM
Bravo, Richard! It takes courage to be a visionary. I'm glad to claim you as a colleague!

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