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Alumni Story: Jason Liles

From FHU theatre to the silver screen, Jason Liles credits God and his experience at FHU with his successes.

FHU alum Jason Liles can be seen on the silver screen this summer, but he'll look a little different than when he was on campus. He hasn't gained weight or drastically changed his hair. He'll be looking a little more . . . extraterrestrial. Coming this summer, Jason can be seen in the feature film "Men In Black III" playing a variety of space creatures.

“I went in for several wardrobe and prosthetics fittings, ended up being in scenes with nearly the entire cast, and worked for several weeks spread out over six months.” He says of the experience, “It’s all been a blessing beyond anything I thought could ever happen.” While filming, Liles had the opportunity to work on scenes in the MIB Headquarters and historic Coney Island.

Liles moved to New York City in 2009 to study at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan, graduating in May of 2010. “New York Film Academy was an incredible experience…it definitely helped me build on the foundation that was created by FHU.” He took his first theater classes at FHU and later landed several roles in Freed-Hardeman productions including "Macbeth" and "Terra Nova". He claims that without Freed-Hardeman, he "wouldn't even have an acting career." He adds, "Dr. Cliff Thompson [FHU's director of theatre] encouraged and pushed me to get more involved."

"Jason has the talent and charisma to have a very successful performing career. That he was inspired to becoming an actor during his time here at FHU makes me especially proud," says Dr. Thompson.

Since then, Liles has done voice over work in the video game “L.A. Noire,” appeared on an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and performed stand-in work on “Royal Pains.” “L.A. Noire,” which focuses on 1940’s Los Angeles crime, received positive reviews from critics and became the United States’ best-selling video game during May 2011. According to Liles, “L.A. Noire” was a particularly great experience for him because he was able to work with his brother, Jordan Liles, at Rockstar Games. “I ended up reading for an American gangster and screaming all of these different things one might scream in a life or death gun fight…but in 1947,” Liles claims. He adds that it is “such an honor to be a part of a revolutionary game from one of the most successful and well-respected gaming companies.”

Liles’ role as an alien in the upcoming blockbuster “Men In Black III” put him in the company of stars such as Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Emma Thompson. “I’m so thankful to God for all the success that he’s given me in such a short time in my career,” Liles states. “I always try to give Him the glory…and I have no doubt that more blessings are on the horizon.”

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J T Liles III   5/15/2012 5:20:11 PM
I felt this piece was done very well, and although I am Jason's father, I must say that I was very pressed with the video. I am a FHU grad of 1978.
Johnny Moore   5/19/2012 8:22:13 PM
Jason, I was impressed with this article. I really enjoyed tera nova, and was sad when they cancelled it. I keep hoping another network will pick it up. Men in Black is one of my favorite shows, and I am looking forward to seeing it. Even more so now that I know you are in it. I was your dads roommate at Freed-Hardeman for a summer. I have wondered many times as to what happened to him. If you can, give him my e-mail address, I would love to hear from him.

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