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FHU Adopts New "Pathways" for Transfers

Pathways make transfer to FHU easier without loss of credit.

Graduates of a Tennessee junior college who want to transfer to Freed-Hardeman University now have a much easier path to follow. FHU has adopted “pathways” developed by the Tennessee State Board of Regents for community college graduates who want to transfer to one of the state’s four-year universities without loss of credit.

FHU President Joe Wiley said, “FHU is very happy to work with Tennessee’s community college to make the transfer process easier. We have identified 15 ‘pathways’ by which these students will have guaranteed credit transfers. We believe Freed-Hardeman offers a very viable option for them to complete their four-year degrees.”

The 15 “pathways” identified by FHU include those who plan to major in accounting, art (studio), biology, business administration, English, exercise science, foreign language, history, kinesiology, mathematics, pre-nursing, social work, sociology, speech communication, and theatre arts.

Freed-Hardeman is now listed on the state’s “Pathways” web site along with other four-year schools who have adopted the guidelines.

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