FHU Roots Run Deep for FHU Trustee

Trustee // December 30, 2021

The Freed-Hardeman University Board of Trustees honored one of its own at the October 2021 board meeting. They recognized 50 years of service by Bill Morgan, Benton, Kentucky. Morgan became a member of the FHU Advisory Board in 1970 and the FHU Board of Trustees in 1993.

Morgan’s Freed-Hardeman roots run deep. His grandfather, W.E. Morgan, taught alongside N.B. Hardeman and A.G. Freed. His grandmother was the first dorm mom in Oakland Hall, the oldest residence hall on campus, now called Hall Roland Hall. The couple and their six children all lived in the dorm. Hatler Morgan, Bill Morgan’s father, also attended Freed-Hardeman, as did his five siblings. Hatler Morgan also served as a college trustee.

Bill Morgan estimates that more than 50 of his kin and their extended families have attended FHC/FHU and have become gospel preachers. “Our family history is intertwined with the history of Old Main,” he said at a board meeting devotional conducted in the iconic building. “Old Main experiences opened the eyes of my kin, as well as mine, to the heavens and to God’s eternity therein.”

Morgan actually marked his 50th year of service in 2020 but because COVID forced virtual board meetings, the presentation was delayed until this fall.

Morgan is not the only university trustee with 50 or more years of service. James Butts, Fulton, Kentucky, reached the milestone in 2017. Director of Office Outfitters, Inc., he joined the Advisory Board in 1967 and the Board of Trustees in 1979.

FHU has conferred honorary doctoral degrees on both Butts and Morgan in 1987 and 2008, respectively.