Academics // March 3, 2021

The FHU Passage initiative, slated to begin with the 2021 freshman class, is geared toward helping students determine “a path to professional purpose.” They will learn to set clear career goals and map a path for reaching them. New students typically enter college with many questions. This program is designed to help them answer at least three questions: What can I do? How do I grow? and Where can I go?

Students will work with an assigned faculty or staff member over a two-year period, completing prescribed activities to discover their strengths and network with professional contacts. At the end of the two years, they will have made considerable progress toward creating a professional portfolio, positioning themselves to compete successfully for internships, employment and graduate school.

In an attempt to harness the power and connection of alumni, they will be asked to participate in the program, also. They are invited to share their knowledge, professional wisdom and personal experiences with current students.

To learn more about FHU Passage, prospective students, parents and alumni may contact Jared Gott, director of emerging and innovative programs, at, or Jim Brown, passage coordinator, at