Engaged Learning // August 7, 2020

Eleven students, accompanied by two members of the nursing faculty, Dr. Sarah Pierce and Linda Hodges, went to Cusco, Peru, for two weeks in January, 2020. “This project was all about providing medical care to the lower income people of Cusco,” Pierce said. They worked with the CerviCusco clinic.

Students’ care was demonstrated through proper and efficient medical treatment, and spreading the love of God. They went to various regions of the country and cared for individuals in several environments, including a nursing home, an orphanage, churches, supermarkets and small villages.

One student particularly interested in physical therapy, Callie Stubbs, sought to identify cerebral palsy within children of the region and learn about their quality of life and how it differed from affected children in the U.S.

“This trip gave me valuable experience that I now hope to one day take and apply to the mission field. I had no idea how truly needed medical mission work is, or how rewarding the experience could be,” Spencer Alsup said. “I have been on mission trips before, but never a medical mission trip, and never one so fulfilling and uplifting.”

“The medical mission trip to Peru provided an opportunity for students to experience cultural immersion, practice/learn a foreign language, adapt to less than ideal clinical settings, use critical thinking to provide competent care with limited medical supplies, and work together as a team,” Pierce said. “I have taken students on medical mission trips for the past five years and I continue to be in awe at the transformation that occurs in each student through this experience.”